Super Bowl Live/Club Nomadic Audio Reactive Visuals

 interactive media - content creation -  projection mapping - media servers

We had the pleasure of working with Defacto Entertainment to produce venue visuals for three events surrounding Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis, MN.

The first event, Club Nomadic, was a series of concert events that happened each night leading up to the Super Bowl. Each evening had its own theme and was sponsored by a different sponsor that dictated the theme.

We collaborated with Defacto to produce audio reactive visuals that were displayed across the entire venue - on the main stage LED wall, LED ceiling pods over the floor of the main room, a large LED sculpture (nick-named the "Sceptron"), ribbon boards in the main room, on the walls of the projection-mapped VIP lounge, on an LED "boom box" installation in the basement of the venue, and on multiple TVs on each floor of the venue.

The visuals were rendered in real-time and were directly affected by the songs the DJs was spinning. The more upbeat the song, the more the visuals would react. 


We worked with EA Sports, the sponsor on the first night, to produce two looks. The first look consisted of red and blue lines that would grow, pulse, and react to the music and revolved around the EA logo. The second look was a gold version of the red and blue look and centered on the EA Sports Bowl logo. This look played in the VIP lounge.

The second night was sponsored by Nomadic Entertainment, and we worked with Nomadic's creative director to create gold metallic shapes in abstract patterns that would pulse and distort based on what the DJ was spinning.

The third night, the night before the Super Bowl, was sponsored by AT&T, DirectTV, and Samsung and was called "Super Saturday Night." The theme for this night revolved around metallic flowers that reflected the magenta and blue tones of the Super Bowl 52's branding. We worked with AT&T's creative team to develop audio reactive visuals using the flower motifs across the venue. The flowers would grow, move and distort based on the audio played by the DJ.

MEPTIK was also responsible for the projection mapping of the Club Nomadic VIP lounge. We worked with our good friends Orange Thread Media to project and map each wall of the VIP suite. We also collaborated with our friends at Greene Staging to create window coverings for the lower windows in the VIP lounge that matched the interior brick. 


The second main event we worked on took place on Super Bowl Sunday. We worked with Defacto and Kreate to produce the venue visuals for the NFL's main pre-game event before the Super Bowl, Super Bowl Live. These scripted visuals took place on the LED MainStage, ceiling pods, and Sceptron as scenic backdrops and concert visuals for the two concert artists at the event - Sheila E and Kelly Clarkson. We also created visuals for the boombox in the basement and on multiple TV surfaces across the venue.


The third event we worked on was the official Super Bowl after-party after the conclusion of the big game, which was sponsored by Mountain Dew. We worked with Defacto to create additional audio-reactive visuals that served as a backdrop for rappers such as Cardi B, Diddy, Busta Rhymes, G-Eazy, DJ Khalid and others. These artists were rapping live at the after-party, and our audio-reactive visuals were responding to each song they performed.