augmented/extended reality test 1.0

 interactive media - content creation - media servers

We wanted to explore the concepts of Augmented/Extended Reality in a new way that differs from how AR is traditionally experienced (which is most often through the use of an app on a phone).

We thought a film set would be a great place to test this out, so we set out to combine the physical environment of the film set with a completely immersive and responsive digital environment for the actors to experience.

We worked with our good friends at RiTE Media (who own a high speed robotic camera system) over the course of three days to create, test and execute the shoot. We also worked with local director Ryan Monolopolus and a team of Hollywood stunt actors as the talent.

The most interesting and unique challenge of this project was the process of combining the physical and digital worlds.

On the physical side, we worked with RiTE to syphon the position data points of the robotic camera system as the camera moved throughout the physical space of the film set. We also used a motion tracking system to track the position data of the stunt actors in the environment.

On the digital side, we used a real-time graphics program to create a Mars-style landscape that served as the set for the shoot. We then took the position data from both the camera and the actors and applied it to the virtual environment we created. This enabled the physical camera and actors to move around “inside” the virtual environment and affect it in real-time. As the physical camera would zoom in and out, the virtual environment would correspond in complete unison.

This digital environment was projected onto a white film cyclorama, which served as the film set. This allowed for a complete augmented reality experience within the physical environment of the set - as the camera moved around the set, the virtual environment responded, and the actors were able to be fully immersed in the world they were acting in.

This first successful test opens up a new world of ground-breaking possibilities for both film and experiential design. Huge thanks to our friends at RiTE for combining efforts with their teams and equipment, and special thanks to our friends at Visional for providing the motion tracking system.