projection mapping - interactive media - content creation - media servers

We had the pleasure of working with Defacto Entertainment to projection map and produce real-time, audio-reactive graphics for an event related to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta, GA.

The event, called Super Saturday Night / Consortium, was a one night concert and club event featuring the Foo Fighters and Run the Jewels. The event took place in a temporary venue that was constructed in the two months leading up to the Super Bowl.

The pièce de résistance of the venue was the entryway, which consisted of two massive cubes on either side of the doorway. It was MEPTIK’S responsibility to projection map each cube as well as to create visuals for them.

We worked with the title sponsor of the event, DIRECTV, to produce branded, audio-reactive visuals for the cubes. The visuals were rendered in real-time using Notch and were directly affected by the songs the artists and DJ were playing. The more upbeat the song, the more the visuals would react. 

The inside of the cubes could also be seen from the interior of the venue and provided a backdrop for the VIP lounge.