Drunk Elephant Skincare Acid Trip Booth

Interactive media - content creationSCENIC DESIGN

MEPTIK had the opportunity to design a booth for Drunk Elephant Skincare for the 2017 Sephora SDCA Brand Fair at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Drunk Elephant wanted to highlight two of their products containing exfoliating acids, and they introduced the concept of a 1960s "acid trip" along with the hashtag #NoBadTrips. 

The booth design was based on the idea of immersing participants in their own personal acid trip and referenced visuals reminiscent of the hippie era. MEPTIK designed several different interactive looks that responded to participants' movements, allowing them to shape the environment around them. One look allowed participants to swirl acid drips around based on their gestures. Another look had lips blowing kisses and hearts at participants as they walked past. Other looks allowed participants to manipulate fur and product bottles on the walls based on their movements.  Yet another look contained brand phrases that would highlight as participants moved closer to them.

An additional interactive element of the booth was a "photo booth" that allowed participants to create GIFs of themselves interacting with the visuals that could then be emailed or posted to social media.