ELEVATE LED Art Installation


MEPTIK was commissioned by the Mayor's Office of the City of Atlanta to create an art installation for ELEVATE, an annual initiative by the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs to bring art and life to downtown Atlanta.

The installation centered around the concept that light brings life to spaces. The use of light as an artistic medium can change an otherwise darkly lit street into an inviting and mesmerizing place for people to gather. With the installation, our goal was to create an art piece that used light to bring new life to the area and revitalized the existing structures by incorporating them into the piece.

The piece consisted of LED strips of light running vertically above the street to form a ceiling of lights that changed color and beautifully illuminated the area with graphical patterns. The piece utilized existing structures on the street - large white awnings which are remnants of the 1996 Olympics. The Olympic awnings were a prominent feature of the piece and served as a support structure for the ceiling. The light patterns were also synced to music, creating an immersive experience for all who passed through.