Incubus Tour Visuals & Media Server Design

content creation - media servers

Working with the band Incubus, MEPTIK designed both tour visuals for their 2015 U.S. tour as well as cutting-edge server systems for media playback.

MEPTIK created custom visuals for multiple songs in the show, utilizing a combination of custom digital animations and shot content. 

MEPTIK also designed and built two media playback servers for the tour. We added a new dimension to the media servers by creating a custom application that allowed the lighting designer to "cut" cameras directly from the servers without needing an additional video control system. This allowed for multiple cameras to be mixed directly from the lighting console and then be stylized with effects via the servers.

MEPTIK built both a tour grade server system and a more portable, flyable laptop system, enabling the band to use the servers in multiple settings.