Marrying the Creative & Technical

Most studios focus on either conception or execution. Not us. Learn more about what makes us different from the rest.

Photo by Ryan Green

Meptik is your one-stop-shop for all creative & technical needs.

With years of experience in both immersive in-person experiences and virtual & extended reality productions, we merge both worlds into one cohesive activation.

We are here for your ideas. One vendor. Executing throughout the whole pipeline.

And as part of disguise, Meptik has access to the latest technology and an ever-growing global team of experts to support our clients on their creative journey.

Learn more our approach below. 

Our creative approach

At Meptik, we take our clients through our entire pipeline of ideation, creation, and execution and are by their side to offer guidance in every step of the process.

Our design experts are brought into client conversations from the very early stages to ensure your vision is coming to fruition.

Whether you come to us with merely an idea or a full storyboard - our team can pick up the project at any point of the creative process. 

As Unreal Engine, Notch, and Unity design experts, our creative team has years of experience in creating real-time, interactive, and audio-reactive 3D content. 

From creating interactive, immersive spaces for live events to connecting digitally with the audience that could not make it to producing Film & TV series in virtual photorealistic or out-of-this-world places - we make visual experiences happen. 

Our technical approach

Right from the beginning, our technical experts discuss the viability of your creative idea and take you through all the technical details that need to be considered in order for your project to be executed successfully. 

Whether you are looking for bespoke solutions such as on-site staffing or content integration, full-service production at one of our facilities or a full xR stage design & integration - our technical team has got your back. 

Not tech savvy? No problem. Our team loves to share their knowledge on everything from AR, xR to projection mapping technologies to make sure you understand what you’re signing up for. 

How creative & technical work together

Our virtual design team works closely with our technical specialists every step of the way to make sure the execution of your production runs smoothly.

From design software to on-site support - we see through all pieces that are needed in order to create extraordinary immersive, multi-channel experiences.  

But we are not only by your side from start to finish of your project, we offer continuous support by providing assistance long after your project wraps up.

So what now? 

Let’s create boundary-busting experiences together.

  • 1. Use our facilities

    Film at one of our state-of-the-art virtual production studios:

    Optik Studios (Atlanta, GA)

    Arc Studios (Nashville, TN)

  • 2. Build your own facility

    We can build a temporary or permanent LED stage on your premises (popular for frequent content creators).

  • 3. Take our expertise somewhere else.

    From content design to technical integration and on-site staffing - we offer one-off, on-location, or customized solutions.