What working with us looks like

As a one-stop shop, you don’t have to worry about working with different vendors. Here, everything happens under one roof. Let us take you on a journey of working with us.

Trying to get a group of people on the same page can be challenging. If you have ever planned a family vacation, you know what we mean - kudos to you. 

The same applies when working with different vendors on one project. 

For you, that means project management at its peak: managing companies with different expectations and schedules, setting up separate contracts that need to be approved and details getting lost in communication - all increasing the complexity of your project.

We’re here to take that stress off your shoulders, so you can kick back and relax while we take care of the whole pipeline for you. And as part of disguise, we have an ever-growing global team of experts to support you on your creative journey. All under one roof.

With any project, we follow a simple principle of Ideate - Create - Execute. Having both experienced creative & technical teams in-house, we are able to build mind-blowing experiences for you from start to finish. 

Here’s how you can work with us: 

1. Use our facilities 

Film at one of our state-of-the-art virtual production studios: 

Optik Studios (Atlanta, GA)

Arc Studios (Nashville, TN)


In the ideation phase, we discuss your vision and figure out the details of what you are looking for. Our virtual & xR production studios offer flexibility in order to accommodate you and your crew. We offer content creation services, technical integration, on-site crew and staffing, and of course take care of all things virtual production. 

Once we agree on the scope, timeline, and project needs, we’ll have you swing by for a tour of our virtual production facilities. Not only will you see our stages in action, but we also make a mean cup of coffee. Win-win.

When all details are finalized and agreed upon, we move on to the next stage.


Depending on our agreement, we get started on content creation and work with our partners at Gear Seven to get the ball rolling on production needs. 

During the pre-visualization phase, we make sure your virtual scenes are dialed in exactly the way you want them to be. And once the content is green-lit, we can go on set.


Right before bringing Atlantis to Atlanta and New Zealand to Nashville, we set up a couple of prep days for pre-lighting and virtual content integration.

And finally, it’s showtime. Sit back, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the show, while our team takes care of your next masterpiece.

2. Build your own facility

We can build a temporary or permanent installation on your premises (popular for frequent content creators) 

Whether you are looking for a semi- or permanent installation of an immersive experience or a full-service LED Volume build-out for virtual and extended reality production - our technical team can help. 

Here’s how:


With the latest ideas—and a team that knows what it takes to actually make them happen—you'll give audiences a better reason to sit up and pay attention to what you have to say. 

We sit down with you and take the time to understand the goals you want to achieve with this project. Depending on these goals, we draft up the perfect solution - from system design to equipment list and build sheets.

Once the initial proposal is agreed upon and the scope of work is defined, we are ready to move on to the next stage. From Extended Reality to the Metaverse, we get you there the quickest way possible.


In this pre-production phase, we prepare everything needed for final implementation on site.

From purchasing to shipping and pre-configuring carts and setups - we make sure on-site days are cut down to a minimum and installation goes down as smooth as a Tennessee whiskey, which we will toast with after your brand new LED Volume or installation is all set up. 


Once our team of xR specialists is on-site - the fun begins.

You will see for yourself that our team is very specific about equipment & cable installation, cable termination, and rack building - some would call it OCD.

The benefit for you? A neatly organized workspace for easy access & modification.

But our services don't stop here. We provide continued on-site training, documentation, and optional post-install technical & content support to make sure you have everything you need to be set up for success. 

3. Take our expertise somewhere else

We’re not bound by physical limitations - or locations. Take our technical or creative expertise with you wherever you need it.

We offer bespoke solutions in the form of customized virtual content design, stock xR/virtual production content, technical integration, on-site staffing, and more.

Here’s our process for content design as an example:


Our virtual content designers are a part of the conversation from the very beginning, kicking off the conversation to figure out your virtual or immersive production needs. 

You can come to us with merely an idea or an entire lookbook - our team can pick up the process at any point. 

We’ll talk through your vision and dial in your style. Once we agree on the path forward, we move to the fun part.


Our experienced Unreal Engine, Unity and Notch designers get to work on your virtual or immersive production content - and you are part of the process. 

We go through rounds of iterations to ensure your content is dialed in exactly the way you want it before moving forward.

You’ll be able to pre-visualize your content and make sure you’re good to go, before even stepping foot on set. 


If you have a content integrator, we entrust you with the files for your design and you’ll be able to take your immersive 3D content to your final shoot or immersive production location.

We furthermore offer on-site or remote design support for any last-minute modifications you might need.


Ready for your next adventure?