leadercast Real-time Corporate visuals

 content creation - media servers

We were tasked with creating all the stage visuals for Leadercast 2018, the largest one-day leadership event in the world, which is broadcast live each year from Atlanta to hundreds of Host Sites around the globe.

We decided to approach this project in a unique way for a corporate event by creating all the graphics in real-time using Notch. All of the content played back instantaneously (rather than using pre-rendered content), which allowed for significant flexibility on site.

The event branding featured paper shards being pieced together, so we decided to put a three-dimensional twist on the shards in our content to give the scenic’s flat LED wall the perception of depth.

The real-time workflow allowed us to make quick changes on site that enhanced the event’s environment, such as changing the color of the shards and adjusting the virtual lighting in the 3D to match the lighting in the room.