motion tracking conference opener

projection mapping - interactive media - content creation

Using projection, motion tracking technology, and custom content, MEPTIK designed and produced the opener for the 2017 SEND Conference. 

The opener consisted of an actor who interacted with painter's canvases. As the actor moved across the stage, the content being projected on the canvases tracked with his movements. The video on the canvases also played into the larger scenic design and corresponded with the video playing on the LED set during the opener.

Using motion tracking technology, tracking sensors were placed on the canvases as well as the actor, which supplied the specific coordinates of the canvases and the actor in the real world. This data was then applied to the content using d3/Disguise servers, which enabled the video to perfectly align with the corners of each canvas no matter which way the actor turned.

The opener concept centered on the idea of a person viewing the world around him in a new way, which played into SEND Conference's 2017 theme "Redefine." The central figure of the opener was the "Spark", represented by a glowing cube that transformed into multiple geometric shapes. The "Spark" pulled the actor around the stage via the canvases, opening up new scenes and ways to see the world as the opener progressed. MEPTIK designed and produced all the custom content for the piece.