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Immersive Experiences

Death to dull moments.

How do you connect with your audiences on a deeper level? By making them part of the experience! Explore options from interactive content to augmented reality and virtual reality. It’s time to level up your brand experiences. Reimagine Reality.

simplify the virtual production process for you and your team.


How to wow audiences this year? Do something that didn’t exist last year. Our creative and technical teams will come together to present ideas that are both boundary-busting and doable.

Concept Art
Testing/ R&D

Partexp and Meptik


Once we’ve decided on the big idea, we’ll get elbow-deep, baking out every piece of the final product. As we build, iterate, and revise, you’ll have frequent opportunities to weigh in.

3D Lidar laser scanning
CAD modeling
Content Creation

  • Augmented Reality
  • Interactive content
  • Virtual Reality
Creative & technical support on-site


Finally, it’s showtime. We can either work with your existing vendors or handle the implementation and logistics in-house.

Equipment sourcing
System installation
Camera tracking
Motion capture
Laser scanning
Creative & technical support on-site

Meptik Emilyrowed


Once we get the ball rolling it’s hard to stop. We believe in building long-lasting relationships and support you way beyond opening day.

Talk to our team today.

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The floor is yours. We’re not afraid to deliver experiences that have never been done before. Being on the forefront of digital content creation, we know that stepping into the unknown always pays off for you in the end.

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