The 90’ wide LED Volume was extended to infinity by virtually extending the digital content beyond the volume.

Highlights of Ford’s virtual Capital Market Day

Not only were Ford’s investors impressed with the new technology presented inside the car manufacturers’ new vehicle line-up, but the virtual event also took place in custom-designed, fully branded virtual sets that took the audience on a visual journey.

For the high-level keynote, the speaker is standing on a fully virtual stage.

Kicking off the event with a high-level keynote, the speaker welcomed the audience and presented the newest developments on a virtual stage. The virtually created reflections coming off the LED wall immerse the speaker in this fully virtual environment and convince spectators of a realistic setting.

Pre-visualization lets you see exactly what you can expect on stage.
Reflections and lighting add to the truly immersive virtual experience.
With the press of a button, the location can change from a high-level keynote to an innovative design lab.

With the press of a button, the location changes from a stage setup to the inside of an innovation lab.

Backstage - The virtual innovative design lab set integrated on the 90’ LED Volume.
The design lab with modern features, a cool blue tone and employees wandering the hall.
Every detail is worked out - from pencils to seating position, virtual production enables locations planned to the last bit.

Inside the virtual innovative design lab, Ford’s speaker was able to show the full line-up of cars, inside and out without ever having to physically take apart (or re-assemble) an actual vehicle.

Virtually, our team can recreate physical assets and products to eliminate logistical issues of transportation and setup.
Engaging visuals can be created that are not possible in the physical realm.
A full virtual line of vehicles, right next to the speaker.

A detailed, virtual replica of the technology behind the vehicles visualized the product and illustrated key pieces in detail to demonstrate the speaker’s explanation of the technology.

Thanks to virtual replicas of products, inner technology and functionality can be shown without the need to dis- and re-assemble an actual vehicle on stage.
A product can be taken apart virtually to explain technology functionality in detail.
Virtual sets allow the speaker to visualize key points and enhance & presentation styles with engaging and explanatory imagery.

Set extension around the 90ft wide LED stage, realistic reflections, and natural lighting allowed for this extended reality production to be truly immersive.

The 90’ wide LED Volume, powered by disguise.
The 90’ wide LED Volume was extended to infinity by virtually extending the digital content beyond the volume.