Savannah College of Art and Design

Full xR system design & workflow integration for the first full-scale, turnkey, collegiate xR volume.

The extended reality (xR) stage is part of SCAD’s landmark 10.9-acre expansion project of Savannah Film Studios.

To provide creative students with the highest level of education, the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) recognized the need for an extended reality (xR) stage as part of their landmark 10.9-acre expansion project of Savannah Film Studios.

The xR volume now allows numerous students from different degrees to learn the technology hands-on. (photo: SCAD)

Our technical team integrated the full system design & workflow: all the way through from design to onsite installation, and system commissioning. Using the disguise xR workflow with DeNyse LED solutions, the collegiate xR volume now allows numerous students from different majors to further explore xR workflows and become designers and film producers of the future.

The xR Volume at SCAD Savannah - powered by disguise.
Our xR specialists are very particular about their racks - everything needs to be perfectly organized and in place.
The Meptik technical team integrated the full system design & workflow for the xR volume at SCAD.

After visiting one of our previously installed xR stages and discussing all needs for and beyond the volume, SCAD felt confident that Meptik provided the expertise and experience to successfully implement the xR technology.


Meptik is also heavily composed of SCAD alumni - making this project's success a personal mission. "Being a SCAD-founded, SCAD-driven company, it's exciting to invest the skills we've learned in xR to ignite generations of students to come", explains Nick Rivero.

Field trip to the Meptik office: The SCAD & Meptik teams discuss possibilities, designs and the tech behind an xR Volume.
Co-founder Nick Rivero explaining virtual & extended reality technologies.
The SCAD team took a trip to the Meptik office in Atlanta to learn more about Meptik’s capabilities in xR system integration and installation.

The xR stage is made up of a 60 x 16 ft curved LED wall with a 38 x 20 ft LED ceiling, featuring a stYpe RedSpy camera tracking system. The entire studio is powered by disguise xR technology, running on disguise vx 4 and rx II servers.

The stYpe RedSpy camera tracking system installed on the camera.

disguise vx4 and rx || systems are powering the entire volume.
The curved LED Volume with ceiling at SCAD Savannah (photo: SCAD)

The facility is geared towards training students at a collegiate level into professional workflows: what they learn at SCAD, they’re able to use one-to-one in the real world.

Students from different majors are trained on the xR workflow to apply what they learn at SCAD in the real world upon graduation. (photo: SCAD)
Since Fall 2021, the xR Volume has been open, enabling students to experiment with content production and develop the necessary skills to enter the industry. (photo: SCAD)

“As a student working on an xR stage, it is really a dream come true to be working on technology of this caliber at such an early stage in my career. It felt like I was working within a small production company and the ability to collaborate in that way is simply unmatched at the collegiate level.” - Sean Hussey, SCAD film and television junior.

The xR stage at SCAD Savannah is a true game changer for creative students. (photo: SCAD)

Download the case study here.