Surfs Up

A leader in cruise industry innovation, Princess Cruises, the Official Cruise Line Vacation Partner of the Los Angeles Rams, ventured beyond the seas to showcase its brand to prospective cruisers through a transformative augmented reality (AR) experience at the iconic SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

Gamedays at the Rams House are filled with can’t miss moments on the field, in the stands, and on the screens. During Los Angeles Rams home games, fans are not just watching football; they are witnessing the largest graphics control system in sporting events. This season, the 70,000-square-foot Infinity Screen showed how SoFi Stadium transformed into the Pacific Ocean, featuring a thrilling surf race and an authentic 30-foot-high model of an iconic Love Boat from Princess Cruises.

In collaboration with Snapchat and the Los Angeles Rams, Princess Cruises leveraged the creative & technical expertise of the Meptik team to create and integrate a 3D augmented reality surf race using Snap Lens Studio.

Our creative team recreated six actual Rams players, who virtually entered the surf race through a portal above an island - in the middle of the football field. Jumping on their surfboards, they dodged swimmers, dolphins, and even a whale to take the winning wave, culminating in a victory celebration atop a massive Princess Cruise ship – all while fans cheered them on from the stands. All AR graphics were created in Snap’s Lens Studio, previously only used to create AR graphics on a mobile phone scale.

The one-minute feature was seamlessly integrated by our technical team, who worked hand in hand with the Disguise and Snapchat development teams. To use Snap Lens Studio in this magnitude, the teams developed a custom-built solution powered by Disguise gx3 and rxII servers and integrated via Disguise Renderstream™.

During rehearsals, our technical specialists teamed up with the control room crew to make sure the virtual cameras synced seamlessly with the actual cameras. This ensured a complete 360-degree view when switching between the three broadcast cameras.

The end result?

An experience that not only takes fan engagement to the next level but also positions the LA Rams on the cutting edge of visual technology.

“The process of working with Meptik was one of the best I’ve experienced so far” - Sarah Schuler, VP of Game Presentation and Experiential Marketing at the LA Rams.

By integrating AR into the stadium experience, Princess Cruises, a leader in cruise industry innovation, not only seized the opportunity to engage with a diverse audience of thousands of potential cruisers but strategically positioned its brand as a dynamic and forward-thinking force, leaving a lasting impression that resonates with sports enthusiasts in an entirely new way.