Ultimate Software Projection Mapping and LED Neon


Working in conjunction with ETA - Creative Event Producers, MEPTIK designed and executed a projection mapped set for Ultimate Software's Connections Conference in 2017.

The set was based around the Connections 2017 logo, which the client wanted to incorporate into the scenic design. Using the logo as an anchor, we decided to expand the triangular-shaped logo into a design reminiscent of a "mountain range." Some faces of the mountains were projection-mapped while others were left blank, giving the set a sense of dimensionality and depth. The mountain range was also outlined with LED neon to bring all the shapes together and give it a cohesive feel. The LED neon was also used to outline the stage and several trusses hanging in the room. This tied the entire environment together into one unforgettable experience for Connections Attendees.

The event also featured a special appearance by Maroon 5 in a concert night. The scenic design's versatility allowed it to easily transform the space from a corporate environment to a rock-n'-roll show.