MEPTIK is an Atlanta-based creative agency specialized in custom design for live environments.

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Our Services

With an emphasis on projection mapping, content creation, and interactive installations, we specialize in crafting better experiences by combining creativity and technology.

From interactive environments and live events to content creation and permanent installations, we love working with our clients to bring their vision to life in a unique way for their customers.


◎ Interactive & real-time Media

Whether it's an interactive media installation or real-time content visuals, we specialize in bridging the gap between art and technology. We constantly seek to incorporate the latest tech advancements into our work and enjoy pushing boundaries to create meaningful interactions. Some of our interactive tools include Notch, Unreal Engine, and TouchDesigner.

◎ Projection Mapping

We turn everyday objects - buildings, cars, scenic elements, ballrooms, and event spaces - into incredible visual displays. Through the use of large scale projection and specialized mapping tools we can bring any surface our clients dream up to life.

◎ Content Creation

We understand the nuances of creating visuals for live environments, and we specialize in unusual aspect ratios and large resolutions. Whether it's large multiscreen surfaces or the side of a building, we understand the workflow necessary to craft unique and engaging content in multiple contexts.

◎ Scenic Design

We aim to engage those around us through physical environments, and we specialize in designing everything from art installations to full scenic stage designs. From initial design concept to final installation, we understand how to give ideas physical form.

◎ Media Server Rentals

We offer hardware systems and technology to manage large-format video playback for events. We specialize in multiple media server systems and have Disguise GX2, Disguise VX4, and custom Resolume server systems available for rent.

For information on server rentals, please reach out via our contact page.